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Bébé Confort Axiss Car seat

Baby/Toddler - Group 1
9 months to approx. 3½ years

The Bébé Confort Axiss makes getting bigger children in and out of the car easy. The toddler car seat turns 90 degrees, allowing you easy access to secure your child or take it out.

A belt tensioning system ensures a solid fit in the car and a colour indicator lets you know the Axiss is locked safely in the forward facing position. With the top rated Axiss no-hassle swivel car seat, you are off on a relaxed road adventure in no time.

Colour options

Safety test ratings

Key features

The clever, innovative and user friendly features of the Axiss include:

  • Car seat turns 90° left or right so you can secure child easily without straining your back
  • Belt hooks keep harness out of the way for easy seating of child
  • Side Protection System offers the best possible protection in side impacts
  • Colour indicator confirms that the seat is locked in safe forward facing direction
  • Uses car seat belt, clear and intuitive seat belt routing
  • Rotates 90 degrees left or right to get child in and out of seat easily
  • Simultaneous one-hand height adjustment of headrest and harness
  • Easy front access recline to 8 positions from sitting to sleeping



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