car seats

Bébé Confort Streety base

Baby - Group 0 +
birth to aprox. 12 months

Preparing a baby for a trip in the car, whether it’s a short ride to the shops or a long road trip, can sometimes be a hassle. The Bébé Confort Streety.base makes getting the infant car seat in and out of the car hassle-free. That’s because the base unit stays securely attached in the car - using the car’s seat belt system - at all times, leaving your customer free to attach the car seat or remove it with a minimum of fuss.

Colour options

Key features

The clever, innovative and user friendly features of the Streety.base include:

  • Easy and quick fitting of the Gr 0+ onto the base
  • Optimal safety thanks to an indicator of good instalation of the Gr 0+
  • Stabilizing bar holds the seat more securely in the event of a collision
  • Easy and quick installation of Streety.Fix in the car
  • Minimize chance of wrong installation of Streety.Fix in the car
  • Indicators confirm correct fit of base unit and seat

Infant - Group 0

birth to approx. 6 months


Baby - Group 0+

birth to approx. 12 months


Toddler - Group 1

9 months to 3½ years


Child - Group 2 & 3

3½ years to 12 years



2WayFamily Concept
- Group 0+ & 1

0 - 18kg
birth to 3½ years