car seats

How to choose a car seat that fits:

The best car seat is one that fits your child, fits your car(s) and is easy to install and to use. Here are some useful tips and recommendations to help you decide.

Weight more important than age
Child car seats are divided into groups, based on the weight of the child (see summary). Please remember that not only the age, but above all the weight of your child is important.

Car seat
Group 0
Group 0+
Group 1
Group 2/3
birth to 10 kg
birth to 13 kg
9 to 18 kg
15 to 36 kg
up to 6 months
up to 12 months
9 months to 3½ years
3½ years to 12 years

Never buy a child car seat that is too big, make sure it is appropriate for your child’s weight from the first day of use. The appropriate weight category is stated on the orange ECE approval. Age categories are also often stated, but because one child can be heavier than the other, the age group should be considered primarily an indication.

It is safest to buy a car seat to suit your child’s weight as they grow, rather than buy a car seat that covers the whole weight range (using the same car seat from birth to 3½ years, or longer).

When is it time to switch to the next stage car seat:

Rear-facing up to 12 months
Wait as long as possible to switch from a baby to a toddler car seat. Babies up to the age of 12 months are best protected travelling in a rear-facing direction. This way, the energy of the impact is absorbed and distributed by the seat shell and car seat belts.

Switch from baby to toddler seat
Your baby has outgrown his baby car seat when the top of his ears extend past the top of the seat back. Do not switch to the next stage car seat until this time. Make sure your baby’s head is generously protected by the (top of the) seat. Note : it is not a problem if the child’s legs extend beyond the edge of the seat.

Switch from toddler to child seat
From a toddler seat, step up to a group 2/3 child seat if your child’s shoulders are 2 cm above the highest openings for the shoulder straps in the toddler seat, when the headrest is set in its highest position. Make sure the headrest of the child car seat is set at the lowest position when switching over.

No more car seats
You no longer legally require a child car seat if your child is 1.35 or 1.50 metres tall (approx. 12 years of age). See list of countries below for exact maximum height. Children no longer using car seats must use the regular car seat belts at all times.


Infant - Group 0

birth to approx. 6 months


Baby - Group 0+

birth to approx. 12 months


Toddler - Group 1

9 months to 3½ years


Child - Group 2 & 3

3½ years to 12 years



2WayFamily Concept
- Group 0+ & 1

0 - 18kg
birth to 3½ years