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Maxi-Cosi 2wayFamily Concept

Baby/Toddler - Group 0+/1
Birth to 4 years

The Maxi-Cosi 2wayFix base offers a perfect anchorage for the Pebble baby car seat and subsequently the 2wayPearl toddler car seat. Thereby this base be used from birth until your child is approximately 4 years old.

The Pebble is the top-rated infant carrier of Maxi-Cosi and can be used from birth to approximately 12 months old. The best moment to switch from the Pebble to the 2wayPearl toddler car seat is when the top of your babies ears extend past the top of the back of the seat. The innovative 2wayPearl is our first car seat to comply with the new i-Size car seat legislation. You can start using the 2wayPearl rearward facing from approximately 6 months to 4 years old. When you desire, you can also very easily switch the seat to a forward facing position. Though never do this before your child is 15 months old. Maxi-Cosi recommends to use the 2wayPearl as long as possible rearward facing.

Colour options

Safety test ratings

Key features

The clever, innovative and user friendly features of the 2wayFamily Concept include:

  • Long lasting rearward facing value and convenience: only one base needed for two consecutive age car seats: Maxi-Cosi Pebble (baby) and 2way Pearl (toddler)
  • Interactive light and sound feedback confirm correct fit minimising chance of wrong installation
  • Adjustable support leg; installation feedback confirms valid length position of support leg
  • Installation feedback including feedback to switch off frontal passenger airbag travelling rearward facing, and not to place baby forward facing before turning 15 months
  • Low battery warning signal flashes when energy drops below 30%.

Rearward-facing travelling up to 4 years, providing enhanced protection for head and neck

Infant - Group 0

birth to approx. 6 months


Baby - Group 0+

birth to approx. 12 months


Toddler - Group 1

9 months to 3½ years


Child - Group 2 & 3

3½ years to 12 years



2WayFamily Concept
- Group 0+ & 1

0 - 18kg
birth to 3½ years