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Maxi-Cosi Rodi Airprotect Car seat

Child - Group 2/3
3½ years to 12 years

As a parent, you need to know you’ve done everything possible to protect your child. The revolutionary patented Maxi-Cosi Rodi AirProtect side impact technology has been specially designed to exceed even the most stringent safety tests. Designed to protect your child’s head in the event of an accident, this car seat has optimal side impact protection for the hip area, too.
Comfort is taken care of with a unique relaxed reclining position for all sizes of children and the length and width of the backrest can be adjusted to accommodate your growing child.

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Safety test ratings

Key features

The clever, innovative and user friendly features of the Rodi AirProtect include:

  • Forward facing child car seat easily fitted with a 3-point car seat belt
  • Top anchor in back of headrest for extra solid fit
  • Patented AirProtect side impact protection in headrest reduces the risk of head injury by 20%!
  • Belt guide correctly and safely positions car seat belt on child
  • Great padded seating comfort
  • AirProtect technology in headrest reduces the risk of head injury by 20%
  • Relaxed travelling in recline position
  • Fully adjustable in height and width to grow with child




Summer Covers

Cool Grey

Infant - Group 0

birth to approx. 6 months


Baby - Group 0+

birth to approx. 12 months


Toddler - Group 1

9 months to 3½ years


Child - Group 2 & 3

3½ years to 12 years



2WayFamily Concept
- Group 0+ & 1

0 - 18kg
birth to 3½ years